ePub Library (BETA)

All my ePub books parsed and listed.

751 Books

The Cormorant

500 Ways To Write Harder

The Works of Jules Verne (27 Books with active table of contents)


No Such Thing as a Free Gift: The Gates Foundation and the Price of Philanthropy

The Pirate's Wish

Fiction on Foreign Planets


Books of Skyrim

Lost at the Con - Montauk preview

Rapture of the Nerds

Hell Train

Eastern Tide

Taken: A Novel

Digital Domains


Magic for Beginners

Python Crash Course

Soul Identity

The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2015


Racers of the Night

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Unto These Hills

The Sand Men

Blue Wizard Is About To Die: Prose, Poems, And Emoto-Versatronic Expressionist Pieces 1980-2003 (10 Year Anniversary Edition)


Unnatural History

Bled White

Facts are Sacred: The power of data (Guardian Shorts)

Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous

The Assassin's Edge


Spirit Walker

Temporal Contingency


The Dignity of Chartism

Verso 2014


Ambassador 1: Seeing Red

Perfectly Invisible

The Ratcatcher

Confessions of the Game Doctor


Heart Readers

Miss Landon and Aubranael

The Fuller Memorandum

Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 49 (June 2014, Women Destroy Science Fiction! Special Issue Sampler)

bash Cookbook

Second Paradigm

Bearcub (The Elemental Wars)

Verification Handbook

The Charters Duology -- Two Novels of the Sovereign Era

The Lamentations of Zeno

For The Win

Blood of Elves

Bleeding Violet


The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals


PA 123

Education towards heteronomy: a critical analysis of the reform of UK universities since 1978

Hanzai Japan

Video War

Clockwork Vampire Chronicles Omnibus

Phoenicia's Worlds

Genocidal Organ

Dragon Virus

Distrust that Particular Flavor

Spotted Lily

The Future Is Japanese

The Accord

Clockwork Angels: The Novel

Accessible EPUB 3

The Philosophy of Praxis: Marx, Lukács, and the Frankfurt School

Babylon Steel

Rise of the Videogame Zinesters: How Freaks, Normals, Amateurs, Artists, Dreamers, Dropouts, Queers, Housewives, and People Like You Are Taking Back an Artform

The Armor of Light

Pillar of Fire

The Book of the Crowman

Tortured Souls: The Legend of Primordium

Chasing The Lost

The Camelot Papers

Occupational Hazards

Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition

Recovering Apollo 8

Salvage and Demolition

Metal Gear Solid


Drawing Basics and Video Game Art: Classic to Cutting-Edge Art Techniques for Winning Video Game Design

Defiant Peaks

Game Toilet - Volume 1

The Chonicles of King Rolen's Kin Box Set: The King's Bastard, The Uncrowned King, The Usurper, The King's Man and King Breaker

Dalek I Loved You: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Edition

FAREWELL TO DREAMS: A Novel of Fatal Insomnia

The Case for Sanctions Against Israel

Word Puppets

Chase Baker 2

Fleet Action

They Can’t Represent Us! Reinventing Democracy From Greece To Occupy

The Maker’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

The Winds of Khalakovo

Blood Skies

Undersea Atrophia

The God Engines

Resurrection, Inc.


Binding Chaos

The Mallet of Loving Correction


Ambassador 1A: The Sahara Conspiracy

Tolkien and the Study of His Sources

Scavenger: Evolution

Lord of Stone

To Be or Not To Be

The Hunter from The Woods

The Art of Horrible People

Code Simplicity

The Explorer and Other Stories

Inside Job

Stopover at the Backworlds' Edge

sed & awk, 2nd Edition

The Ebenezum Trilogy


Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell

The Returning

The Final Hours of Portal 2

In the Sight of His Eyes



The Guns of Ivrea

Gamers at Work: Stories Behind the Games People Play

Green Zone (Film Tie in)

Seeds: a post-apocalyptic adventure

Darkening Skies

Skullcrack City

Ad Astra: The 50th Anniversary SFWA Cookbook



How to Do Things with Videogames

Parallax View

In the Flow

The Big Sigma Collection: Volume 1

Constellation Games

A God Against the Gods

Inequality and the 1%

The Preacher's Marsh

METAtropolis: The Wings We Dare Aspire

Bringing Stella Home


The Scattered and the Dead (Book 0.5)

The Honey Month

South: The Story of Shackleton's 1914-1917 Expedition


Sinful Folk

TCP/IP Network Administration, 3rd Edition

Between Two Thorns

Trafalgar and Boone

The Third Bear

Western Shore

The Alchemist of Souls

The Merchant of Dreams

Five out of Ten 6: Change

Tales From the Lake Vol. 1

Crucible: The Novum Trilogy, Book 1

Feyland: The Bright Court


A Stir of Echoes

The Phoenix Code

Game Boy World 1989

Shifting Reality: A Novel in the ISF-Allion Universe

The Orffyreus Wheel


For The Night Is Dark

Demonic Visions 50 Tales of Horror

250 Indie Games You Must Play

Old Man's War

The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success

UNIX Power Tools, 3rd Edition

Who & Me


In Play

Annabel Scheme

Much Secret Sorrow: Guy of Gisborne 1

Dreamcast Worlds: a design history

500 Ways To Tell A Better Story

Dining With The Doctor

It Came from the North


Finnish Weird 2014

What Is EPUB 3?



Comradely Greetings: The Prison Letters of Nadya and Slavoj

Debt: The First 5,000 Years

New Amsterdam

I Travel by Night

HTML5: Up and Running

Down on the Farm

The Agonizing Resurrection of Victor Frankenstein and Other Gothic Tales


God is Not Great

Turns and Chances

The Least of All Possible Evils

SILVER: Acheron (A River of Pain)

Fiction River: Time Streams

Spook Country

Nobody’s Home

New World: a Frontier Fantasy Novel

The Venus Fix

Mythology 101

Robin Cook's Resignation Speech - 17/03/2003

Open Minds

A Few Further Tales of Einarinn

The Enemy Within

A Slow Year

Shadow of the Colossus

Casting Shadows Everywhere

The High Edge


The Icefire Trilogy


The Prince of Lies


The Manhattan Ghost Story Trilogy

FIRST DROP: Charlie Fox book four

Crystal Doors Book 3: Sky Realm

Witches: Wicked, Wild & Wonderful

MYTHWORD Book One: The Festival of Bones

Mermaids and Other Mysteries of the Deep


Zombies vs. Unicorns

Corbyn and the Future of Labour: A Verso Report

The Rock

The Blue Portal

Strong Arm Tactics

Brayan's Gold

The Sentinel Mage

American Monster

Irregular Creatures

Final Solstice

Contract of Defiance


The Anatomy of Super Mario - Volume I

The Iron Wolves

Stag & Hound

Rule 34


Angel in the Badlands

The Alchemist

The Tyrant

Mythology Abroad

Assemblers of Infinity

Lawless and The Devil of Euston Square

Kalevala : the Epic Poem of Finland — Complete

The American Crucible: Slavery, Emancipation and Human Rights

Steel Blues - Book III of The Order of the Air

Dead West #1: West of Pale

The Vanished

Paul Robeson: A Watched Man


School Wars

The Roads of Heaven Trilogy

A Tale of Red Riding


Smashwords: 2017 Book Industry Predictions: Intrigue and Angst amid Boundless Opportunity

The Darkest Days: The Truth Behind Britain’s Rush to War, 1914

The List

A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing

The Straits of Galahesh

Breaking the Page

Academic Exercises

Bartleby the Scrivener

The Top of the Volcano

Machineries of Silence


The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft

Ill Wind

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition

Where We Live and Die



Fleet Action

Stay Awhile and Listen: Book I - How Two Blizzards Unleashed Diablo and Forged a Video-Game Empire

Due Justice


A Hero Born


Cyborg Legacy

The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate

Watcher's Web

Europe at Midnight

The Mad Scientist's Daughter

Galileo's Stepdaughter

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for Total Beginners

Halting State

The Leveller Revolution: Radical Political Organisation in England, 1640–1650

Capitalism: A Ghost Story

The Sea-Kings of Crete

Learning Unix for OS X

Oasis: The Last Humans: Book 1

PHP Cookbook

Continue: The Boss Fight Books Anthology


Angry Ghosts

One Chef!


The Powerless Series Omnibus (Books 1-3)

Gene Mapper

ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever

The Bone Key


Stars: The Anthology

Albion Fay

Bleeding Shadows

The Mongoliad: Book Two (The Foreworld Saga)


Great North Road

The Devil's Nebula

The Wizard's Coming

PHP and MySQL: The Missing Manual

The Arcade Review, Issue Two

The Culling (Alien Apocalypse: Part I)

The Duel

All is Fair

Twisted Justice

Engraved on the Eye

Satan's Reach

The Jennifer Morgue: Number 2 in The Laundry Files

Zoo City

Designing BSD Rootkits

Hollow World

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume Eight

Practical Malware Analysis: The Hands-On Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software

Dead Money

The Macrocosmic Conflict

DEATH DREAMS DELUXE The Complete Works of Chris Robertson

The Best of TARDIS Eruditorum

Tunnel Vision: And Other Stories From the Edge

Empire of the Summer Moon

The Making of Prince of Persia: Journals 1985-1993

The Secret World Chronicles


The Delilah Complex

The Red King

Lightspeed Magazine Issue 28

The Lord of the Rings


Warrior Women

The Blemished

Medicine for the Dead

Arrows of the Sun

The Troika

Magic: An Anthology of the Esoteric and Arcane

The Emperor's Agent

Smashing eBook #3: Mastering Photoshop


TARDIS Eruditorum - An Unauthorized Critical History of Doctor Who Volume 2: Patrick Troughton

Videogames: In The Beginning

A People’s History of Scotland


FIYAH - Issue One [EPUB]

On My Way to Paradise: The Novel

Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard

Catch and Release: 17 Stories

Body Bags: A Jenna Blake Body of Evidence Thriller

HTML5 for Publishers

The Communist Manifesto

The Warrior's Bond

Riot. Strike. Riot: The New Era of Uprisings


Dragons in the Earth

I, Zombie

Pattern Recognition

Lovecraft's Monsters

Dark Side of the Moon




Smashing eBook #8: Mastering Photoshop for Web Design, Volume 2

Service Games: The Rise and Fall of Sega

Super Mario Bros. 2

Silence on the Wire

Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents Sega Arcade Classics Vol 1



Prized and Honoured

Contract of Betrayal

King Wolf

The Infinite Battle

The Immortals

The Places In Between


Bloodletting Part 1

Snake Skin: A Lucy Guardino FBI Thriller

The Draykon Series Omnibus

Yamada Monogatari: The Emperor in Shadow

Fiction River: Unnatural Worlds

The Hellsblood Bride

Perdido Street Station

The Spectral Book of Horror Stories

The Sword & Sorcery Anthology

Civilization One: The World Is Not as You Thought It Was

Pirate Cinema

Essential System Administration, 3rd Edition


The Reaping

The Disappeared

Phantasm Japan

Replay: The History of Video Games

The Flash Gold Chronicles I-III


Project Nemesis (A Kaiju Thriller)

Daughter of Mystery


Chrono Trigger


Europe in Winter

The Outpost

The Bearer of Grievances

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy: Practical Tips for Staying Safe Online

Un Lun Dun

Crystal Doors Book 1: Island Realm


Crystal Doors Book 2: Ocean Realm

Verso 2015 Mixtape: Free Ebook Collection

Ghosts in the Machine

The Happiest Days of Our Lives

Yamada Monogatari: Demon Hunter

The Boy Who Could Change the World

The Divinity Student

Hell's Muse

The Rope is the World

The Swordsman's Oath

Jagged Alliance 2

Sea Witch

Waves in the Wind

The Arcade Review – Issue One

The Village Against The World

That Which Should Not Be

The Arcade Review, Issue Three

DNS and BIND, 5th Edition


What is Dart?

Network Troubleshooting Tools

A Clash of Kings

The Linux Command Line

The Ragthorn

Between Worlds: The Collected Ile-Rien and Cineth Stories

The Monarch of the Glen


The Gates of the World #2: The City of Ice

Man Against the Future

Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus

Generation Xbox: How Videogames Invaded Hollywood


Spellslinger by Joseph J Bailey

The Making of Karateka Journals

The Worth of a Shell (#1, Stone Moon Trilogy)

Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters


HG101 Presents: The Unofficial Guide to Konami Shooters

Sister of the Lionheart

Crime Seen

Secret Lives

Animal Money

The Edwards Mansion

The WikiLeaks Files: The World According to US Empire

The Small House Book

The Backworlds


lex & yacc, 2nd Edition

Bloody Nasty People

Atari Inc. Business is Fun

A Taste of Honey

Hellhound on My Trail

The Hydrogen Sonata: A Culture Novel

Writers on Writing Volume 1

Pandemonium: Crossroads

Baldur's Gate II

Clockwork Lives: The Bookseller's Tale


Bitcoin for the Befuddled

Hardcoregaming101.net presents: The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures

Little Brother


Galactic Warriors

The Global eBook Market

Come Back To Me

Pride and Prejudice

Lhind the Thief

Zero History

The Ape's Wife

Europe in Autumn

The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox

Infinitely Demanding: Ethics of Commitment, Politics of Resistance

The Storyteller: Tales Out of Loneliness

Pump Six and Other Stories

A Book of Tongues

Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Vol. 1: Dawn

All These Shiny Worlds

The City & The City


The Last Man

The Emperor's Edge Collection

The Book of Deacon


Crow Jane

The Far-Enough Window, or The Reclaiming of Fairyland: A Fairy-tale for Grown-ups of All Ages

A Writer's Life

The Lord of the Sands of Time

Ten Steps to Linux Survival


Starfarers - Storybundle

More Art Inspired by Classic Video Games of the ’80s

In Hero Years... I'm Dead Delux Edition

Under the Skin

The Book of Were-Wolves

Time's Mistress

Bash Pocket Reference

Delay: Paying Attention to Energy Mechanics

Blood in the Water

Witch Hunt

A Pocket Guide to Front-end Style Guides

Journal of the Plague Year

Lord of the Two Lands

The Profitable Side Project Handbook

Yamada Monogatari: To Break the Demon Gate

Pen Pal

Mal's Diary


The Keep

The Mongoliad: Book One (The Foreworld Saga) (The Mongoliad Cycle, Book 1)


A Feast for Crows

Private Island: How the UK Was Sold

Everything Belongs to the Future

Talus and the Frozen King

Anniversary Day: A Retrieval Artist Novel

Getting Rid of It: The Step-by-step Guide for Eliminating the Clutter in Your Life (Live the Good Life)

How to use Model-View-Controller (MVC)

Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition

Unix in a Nutshell, 4th Edition

The Flames of Shadam Khoreh

The Winds of Khalakovo

The End of the Sentence

Clean Burn

Banners in the Wind

World of Fire

The Epic Guide to Bootstrapping a SaaS Startup from Scratch — By Yourself


Champion of Mars

These Days


Bible Adventures


Footsteps in Time storybundle

The Rats

First Person Peculiar



A Bug Hunter's Diary

Islamicates Volume I

Turing's Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe

Beneath the Canyons


Uneasy Spirits: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery


Ack-Ack Macaque

Hairy London

Sand of Bone

Time Traveled Tales, vol. 1

Fatal Exchange


I’m with the Bears


Fractured Era Series - Legacy Code Bundle

One Night in Sixes


The Assassin's Curse

The Book of Deacon Anthology

Lock & Load

Haitian Inspiration: On the bicentenary of Haiti’s independence

One-Eyed Jack

ODD? Volume 1

The Fisherman

The Baba Yaga

Here She Lies

Class War Conservatism and Other Essays

In Springdale Town

The Battle Royale Slam Book

The White Towers

The Great Convergence

The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2015 edition

Surface Detail

Swarm Ebook FULL

Don't Pay Bad for Bad


Give: How to Be Happy


Closed Hearts

Smashing eBook #6: Typography


The Gambler's Fortune

The Last Final Girl

Advise and Consent

Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right-and How We Can, Too

Feyland: The Dark Realm

The Blue Blazes

Quick Guide For Firefox OS App Development

A Mind Forever Voyaging



Ancient Sea-margins, as Memorials of Changes in the Relative Level of Sea and Land

Planning for Big Data

The Thief's Gamble

The Bullet-Catcher's Daughter

Smashwords Style Guide

Storm in the Sky (The Book of Coming Forth by Day, #2)

Southern Fire


Little Sisters of the Apocalypse

Five out of Ten: Year One Reloaded

The Last Horror Novel in the History of the World

Lincoln’s Wizard

House of Rejoicing (The Book of Coming Forth by Day, #1)

Higher Mythology

The Trinity Paradox

Inside Evil


Classic Shell Scripting

The Battle of Verril

The Jack Vance Treasury

Get Out While You Can - Escape The Rat Race

The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Novellas: 2015

New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird

Outlaws of the Atlantic: Sailors, Pirates, and Motley Crews in the Age of Sail

The Pleasure Merchant

Women’s Oppression Today: The Marxist/Feminist Encounter


Muse of Fire

500 Ways To Tell A Better Story

The Mirror Empire


The ABCs of Socialism

Slum Online

A Pocket Guide to Combining typefaces

Judge Dredd - Year One: City Fathers

The Five Elements

The Death of the Necromancer

Nerves of Steel: A Hart and Drake Thriller

The King’s Sword

Destination: Void

Amityville Horrible

Near + Far

A Storm of Swords Complete Edition (Two in One): Book 3 of A Song of Ice and Fire

The Atrocity Archives (The Laundry Files)

THE END IS NIGH (The Apocalypse Triptych, Vol. 1)

Learning the bash Shell, 3rd Edition

Captain Swing

Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space

Black Hat Jack

The Golum

500 Ways To Write Harder


The Rise of the Red Shadow - StoryBundle

Undersea 3rd Edition

FROM ABOVE - A Novella

The Digital Sea

The Last Wish

Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics

Echoes of a Shattered Age

Britain’s Empire

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move

Stars Above, Stars Below

The Spawn of Loki

The Frontman: Bono (In the Name of Power)

Yamada Monogatari: The War God's Son

Loss of Separation

Modern Web Design and Development

Killing is Harmless: A Critical Reading of Spec Ops: The Line

The Traitor

Snake Handlin' Man

War of the Fae: Book 1, The Changelings

A Colder War

Crisis on Doona

Summer of Love, A Time Travel

Wakening the Crow


On My Way to Paradise

Terms of Enlistment


Arcanum 101: Welcome New Students

Piranha Frenzy

The Sea Hates A Coward

Learning the vi and Vim Editors

New Cthulhu 2



Tainaron: Mail from Another City

So Say the Waiters (episodes 1-5)

Deeper Than the Darkness

Pirate Code

Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Videogames

The Amistad Rebellion

Fingerprints Of The Gods

The Feather and the Moonwell

Fearsome Journeys

The Sacrifice: The First Book of The Fey

Hair of the Bear

Black Feathers

OGMIOS omnibus

Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work

Parallelogram (Book 1: Into the Parallel)

The Cerberus Protocol

24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep

Clipping Through: One Mad Week in Videogames

Hawkwood and the Kings

The End of Marking Time


Blood Register

A Cutthroat Business

Any Other Name

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide

Limbus Inc

We Want Everything: The Novel of Italy’s Hot Autumn

The Red Church

Flaming Dove

Lost Things

Dangerous Waters

The Apocalypse Codex (The Laundry Files)

Hand Made High Tech

Gutenberg the Geek (Kindle Single)

Revolution in the Age of Social Media

Forgotten Suns

The Diving Bundle: Six Diving Universe Novellas

The Family Trade

The Iron Ship

Irons in the Fire

Sword of the Ronin

Nevermore - A Novel of Love, Loss, & Edgar Allan Poe

Aetna Adrift


Linux Pocket Guide, 3E

Northern Storm

Northern Grit


Dream Save Do: Stop Dreaming and Start Living